Charles Lecture on “HR Governance, a Practitioner’s Perspective” at UFHRD 2017 – Lisbon, Portugal

As part of the proceedings of the University Forum for HR Development 2017, held in Lisbon Portugal, Charles’ paper on HR Governance was accept for presentation in collaboration with Professor Khalil Dirani from Texas A&M University.

The paper presented the HR Governance Model developed by Charles, and which emphasizes the criticality of human governance in organizations as part of the efforts for mitigating human risk. In his paper, Charles also present a practical model that can be adopted by organizations in various sectors, and specifically in banking and finance, to ensure that the human factor is well governed and that potential risk of unethical conduct and/or incompetence are appropriately mitigated.

The paper got the endorsement of the attending panel to move forward with the empirical study on the model in various organizations.

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