Why the Disproportionate Reaction to COVID?

The picture above I took as a screenshot this morning (September 22, 2020) from the COVID-19 world meter (

What it shows is something really scary!!!…
Has the world lost its ability to read numbers?!
Here’s what numbers on the above screenshot say:

1. Out of the 7.6 billion people living on Earth 31.5 million people (i.e. 0.41% of world population) have contracted COVID-19 since December 2019. That is 414/100k people. (Does this rise to be a pandemic?!!!).

2. Out of the 31.5 million who contracted COVID since December 2019, 23.1 million have recovered, that is 73.3% healing rate.

3. Please pay attention to this and do not let media fool you: The number of active COVID cases in the world today is ONLY 7.4 MILLION AND NOT 31.5 MILLION!!! That is 0.098% of the world population. (Drs. and WHO, does this rise to be a pandemic?!!!)

4. Out of the 7.4 million active COVID cases today, 7.33 million are in mild condition, that is 99%… I repeat 99% (Does this rise to be a pandemic).

5. The number of deaths due to COVID related complications is 970k, that is 3% of the 31.5 million who contracted the virus since December 2019.

An extremely valid question to ask: “Why this disproportional reaction to COVID by the bodies in charge all over the world?” True that people are contacting this virus, but it has been recognized by medical bodies as a mild sickness, and that it is the complications it causes to people with low immunity or health issues that may cause death NOT the virus itself.

Things don’t add up; seriously they don’t. Despite all the excuses about COVID being contagious, hospitals’ capacity, availability of ventilators, absence of a confirmed vaccine, things still do not add up. Someone somewhere is intentionally disrupting the organized life of mankind, a life that has evolved slowly but steadily over millennia. Whoever is doing this, is also being supported by accomplices from the media, healthcare, politics, and government sectors. If this sounds paranoial, please re-read what the numbers above say!

 Charles S. Saliba
Positive Thinker
Organizational, Leadership & HR Expert