What could God be trying to tell us?

I’ve been deeply reflecting on what have we come to, and possibly with a hint of disbelief. Human civilization has literary went down a swirl of unfortunate events that are at the edge of surreal. Within this gloomy rhapsody, we probably all have asked the question “Why?”. Trying to figure out a justification for what is happening to us is important, however, this could be an unanswerable question. Still, it is essential to at least have some kind of an interpretation in order to make peace with this ordeal and manage to move on. Why is this happening? There are so many possible answers out there, ranging from dry realism, to conspiracy theory, to doom’s day scenarios. One or all of these could possibly be valid, but no one can tell.

I have contemplated on this big fat “Why?” for the past four months now, and this has led me to reflect on the state of the world in the latest episode of human civilization. It was not at all strange for me, as I have been, for the past three years, studying the overwhelming change that has overtaken the world, observing the immersive lifestyle of humanity, and scrutinizing the state of human mind in depicting its version of a perfect life. I was doing this with the hope of publishing my next book around the subject. However, with the hugely disruptive change brought about by the pandemic, I could not resist making a further reflection, and what I realized was heart and mind opening.

In my reflection on the state of human civilization, one topic kept recurring. It was the thought of how fast we were going. Everywhere I looked, I noticed how everybody was in a hurry, a mere embodiment of the classic term ‘rat race’. We were in a hurry to do everything and to get everything. We wanted life at a click; just touch the screen and it’s done. This resemblance with the cyber world is not innocent. Things on the web and on our Apps happen so fast that we became unable to conceive why something should take more than a fraction of a second to happen. This relation beefed up our sense of urgency and turned us into earthly creatures who are trying to move at the speed of light!

We became so much in a hurry that we stopped seeing the value of life. We were no more able to take a moment to cherish a loved person or appreciate an event because we do not have time to slow down. So many wonderful things in our lives have been pushed into the limbo of oblivion because we have no time to stop and be grateful for them. This turned us into constantly hungry beings unable to accumulate gratitude in our mental and emotional accounts, something which is at the base of motivation; hence our feeling of emptiness and demotivation. Life was meant to be a free run and not a sprint. Even the most experienced athlete runners rhythm their race and only sprint in the last stage. Speed is not good for our mental health because it does not allow us to digest what we experience and turn that into lessons, and this is critical for survival. Speed is also not good for our emotional wellbeing because it does not allow us to mature and appreciate what we have, turning us into eternally dissatisfied beings.

So, what is God trying to tell us?! I truly believe, He’s asking us to slow down. Yes, slow down…

Take time to enjoy your morning coffee with yourself or your spouse.

Take time to drive to work while contemplating what Good you want to do today.

Take time to say a joyful good morning and good day to your colleagues and team.

Take time to do your work with care and professionalism even if no one is watching.

Take time to respect your commitment to a family you chose to make and come back home when working hours are over.

Take time to talk to your kids about their day, recognizing their efforts and attending to their worries; if you are not there, they will go to someone else for help, including the Devil!

Take time to have a chill light dinner with your wife/husband, family or parents; enjoy a good chat with your old guys these moments will prove priceless.

Take time to rest and replenish your blood cells, you will need the energy next day.

Take time to sit in bed and reflect on your day, assess and commit to be a better person tomorrow.

Take time to call family members and friends, call not text, not voice…. call them regularly. Put a schedule for that.

Take time to observe and cherish everything around you; your family, your kids, your friends, your house, you living room, your kitchen, your mobile, your car, your clothes, your gym membership, and all your possessions because nothing of those is for granted.

Take time to be thankful if you have what you need, because that is more important than having what you want.

Take time to look around and count the possessions you have in the attic or storage room and remember how much you badly wanted them, how much you paid for them, and where you have them thrown today.

Take time to walk on the street near your house or work, feel the pavement with your feet and let air tingle your face (hot or cold, never mind just take the walk), listen to the noise of life, it says that you are still alive and that the world is still alive too.

Take time to visit your parents, siblings, relatives, and friends, at home, at hospital and at the rest house, they are part of who you are today and they are all that you have, trust me.

Take time to play with your kids according to their rules, and live that moment with them.

Take time to surprise your loved ones with unexpected plans, gifts, and words.

Take time to watch growth; watch your marriage grow, your kids grow, your life grow and be thankful for all the abundance, and gratefully-accepting when things do not go as you would have wished.

Take time to clean your mal-intentioned thoughts and wipe out your grudges, these are but intoxicating thoughts that eat up your mind.

Take time to think that you cannot have it all, the money and the perfect life. In fact those seem to be like the two poles of a magnet; don’t believe me? Ask rich people.

Take time to train your heart and mind that not all those who disagree with you are your enemies; you are not super intelligent if you bluff or cheat others; dirty competition makes you dirty; and you are not a genius if you justify damaging, hurting, killing anybody or anything for a bigger purpose, in fact you would merely be stupid; that’s all about it.

Take time to give; give your attention, give your care, give your love, give your respect, give your help, give you time, give your money. Giving carries you to the Platinum League.

Take time off. Time off your mobile, off your screen, off your work, off the news, off your stocks, off your worries and concerns. Vegetating and distraction are a very good cure for brain overheat!

Take time to Pray, to talk to God and share all your fears and worries. He is a great listener and will definitely relieve you if you cooperate 😊

Slow down guys… this is what God could be trying to tell us, and it could possibly be an unconventional answer to “Why is this happening to us?”, but a pretty valid one.

Stay Safe.

Charles S. Saliba
Positive Thinker
Organizational, Leadership & HR Expert
Founder & CEO at HR Works – Consulting House
President of the Lebanese Consultants Association

Copyright – Charles Saliba © 2020