Sending out an S.O.S.

From the very few still sane individuals in this asylum

What I will write next has direct relevance to the disaster of Lebanon, yet I am obliged to put it in a foreign language since it is a call for outer help.

This is an SOS call for whomever lay eyes on this article. Please save our souls if anything, for mere humanitarian reasons. I speak for the significant few enlightened, educated-cultivated, and clean-minded people who can still see the truth of this island. We are a minority of what is left of the Lebanon that gave the World Gibran, Debakey, Malek, Maalouf, Fayrouz and thousands of influencers who shaped the great things that define our world today. Please save our souls before we get wiped out; we are saying this with all honesty and conviction, and we are dead serious about it.

If you are reading this please share, or send a plane, a ship, or even a space machine to pick what is left of the very few sane people in this land. The rest have lost their minds and only few had survived the apocalypse. The situation is unbearable, and we do not have much time. Please be the miracle that saves us from this asylum-turned place, which is literary packed with lunatics who need serious medical attention. I am a sober writer, but this is a critical issue. You might host us for a period of time until someone figures out what to do with all those insane people who are at large.

This is not a joke, Lebanon and the diminishing number of Real Lebanese People are at the mercy of two collaborative groups of lunatics who will continue to spread misery and havoc if they persevere. The first group is made up of around 1000 so-called politicians, administrators, and law enforcers who call the shots; now those are seriously damaged, I mean FUBAR. Their sickness includes dangerous cases like megalomania, psychosis, extreme narcissism, pseudomania, obsession, Anti-social Personality Disorders (Social Psychopaths), bipolarity, schizophrenia, oneirophrenia, dissociative identity disorders, to name but few. The second group is made up of a couple of millions who feed from the feasts of the first group, be it materially or emotionally. They are so much attached to their custodians just like a suckling lamb to its mother. This group is infested with many psychological problems as well including masochism, dementia, amnesia, cognitive impairment, crystallization, depression, violent tendencies, and others.

Many might consider my cry as non-patriotic, but I am as patriotic as it can be. This country is doomed with sick individuals (whom I feel ashamed to call leaders) and sick people (whom I feel ashamed to call citizens). The very few Real Lebanese People, those who yearn for living in a civilized country governed by law and not by gangsters are literary suffocating under the pressure of their disappointment and anger. They are burning inside and want to explode, but they surely are afraid of oppression, concerned about their dignity, and they do not use the streets as their podium. This third group of law abiding citizens, respectful men and women who dreamt of a country, educated, cultivated, peaceful, life-loving, mindful, and highly aware people are dying by dilution, immigration, or literary by explosions! There could be a million of us, maybe less, but we still are significant with our patriotism, understanding of the civil state, political resilience, human values, competence, capacity, and vision.

Once more, please help us; save us from this asylum and send some heavy-weight psychiatrists to assess and treat (if possible) those freaks who have seized this dying country, or alas rid us of them.

Charles S. Saliba
Positive Thinker
Organizational, Leadership & HR Expert